Technical Pro PRE50 2CH Professional Pre-Amplifier with USB & SD

Technical Pro

New product

The Technical Pro PRE50 is the go-to choice for a professional 2 channel pre-amplifier. The engineers at Technical Pro built this unit with two things in mind, build it to last and design it to achieve the highest quality sound output. It connects up to 4 audio sources on the back panel using the RCA & AUX inputs.

Also connects a CD player, tuner, turntable or any other RCA input and switch between your sources by using the front panel controls.The SD Card and USB flash drive inputs on the front panel of the PRE50, allow you to connect your portable audio directly to the pre-amplifier.

A USB flash drive / SD Card lets you carry around thousands of .mp3,.wav &.wma audio files in the palm of your hand. Simply connect the USB flash drive / SD Card to the computer and copy the files onto the USB flash drive / SD Card. Disconnect it from the computer and connect it to the PRE50 and the unit will automatically begin playing the files from the USB flash drive / SD Card. All while keeping your laptop perfectly safe.

The USB flash drive and SD Card can handle a maximum size of 32 GB & play your .mp3,.wav &.wma files from your USB flash drive or SD Card through this pre-amplifier. Playback features for the USB flash drive / SD Card inputs include play, repeat and random playback.

The USB flash drive and SD Card inputs can also capable of recording onto a USB flash drive or SD Card with empty space on it. That means you can record from the AUX or RCA inputs directly onto the USB flash drive / SD Card.

The microphone input on the front panel will accept a 1/4" or XLR connector. Each input (mic or RCA line input) provides a time based echo effect with adjustments for time and repeat. Find perfect tone by using the bass, mid, treble and balance controls adjusting your sound to your desire. Having these dynamic controls available to you will give you the tools you need to adjust your music to sound perfect in any room or venue.